Body Hair (Existension)

BODY HAIR (EXISTENSION), 2012/13 | human hair, hairspray | Length approximately 600 mm

Created from geometrically woven human hair, ‘Body Hair’ is a work that continues my interest in creating three-dimensional drawing using, in this case, my signature geometric mesh form. This work is in the permanent collection of the Olbricht Foundation, ME Collectors Room, Berlin.

Selected as part of AxisWeb #Five2Watch For the week starting May 7 AxisWeb selected five artists who explore the body as part of their practice: Paul Hazelton, Carla Cuomo, Robyn LeRoy-Evans, Gordon and Mary and Natalie Ramus

Installation view – The Crypt, One Marylebone Road, London during the exhibition, Metamorphosis: The Transformation of Being. Photography courtesy All Visual Arts (AVA) Tessa Angus

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