Turntable Tornado and Blown

Medium: 1970’s portable turntable, ground album vinyl and label, glue, looped cassette recording of London Calling (The Clash) played on a
knackered old gramophone player, cassette player, movement sensor, London Calling album cover, pins

Dimensions: 400w x 400d x 300h mm (Table Tornado) 300w x 300h x 40d mm (Blown) 

Date: 2010

Turntable Tornado’ turns The Clash’s London Calling into a spinning dark mass of vinyl that is, in its new form, similar in appearance to blackbirds or crows. What they circle is the remains of the song ‘London Calling’

‘Blown’, which is an appendage piece to Turntable Tornado, turns the fragile remains of the ‘London Calling’ record cover into something resembling an inflatable cushion. This piece was made for the exhibition and auction ‘London Calling’ which toured London and Tokyo


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