The Moth Collection

A collection of 10 artworks, each in a limited edition of 30.

Paul Hazelton’s Moth Collection follows in the path of a fictional lepidopterist and his discovery of strange and unusual moth species. Each moth in the lepidopterist collection (ten species in total) is discovered in a different area of the lepidopterist’s house: making home in the dust, for instance, in his wife’s jewellery box, in the piano, the books and so on. After studying the specimens he collects and observing them in their natural habitats, the lepidopterist writes his findings down, pinning the descriptions to the backs of each specimen container. Please see below to view the lepidopterist’s collection and to purchase individual species.


MOTH #1:

Name: DUST MOTH (also known as the DIRT MOTH)

Habitat: Found in household dust. Common places include airing cupboards and behind radiators

Diet: Dust

Behaviour: Migrates towards areas of particular warmth and staticity (i.e TV screens) and nests in places that are difficult to clean

Life Span: Dependent on how often the house is cleaned

Size: Varies depending on the amount of dust consumed



Household dust moth (45 x 35 x 10mm), with species classification (paper) pinned in wooden, specimen display case (185 x 185 x 80mm).

Edition of 30 (#4 – #30 available). Each edition artwork is accompanied with a signed numbered certificate of authenticity. There is an option, also, for buyers to have their dust moth made from their own household dust. Please email Paul to arrange.


IMPORTANT NOTICE – If this edition is showing as ‘Sold Out’ please contact me directly via the email address on the left of this page. Sorry for the inconvenience. Many thanks.

£500 plus postage (£10 UK; £60 rest of world, including VAT)

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