“British sculptor, Paul Hazelton taps into the powerful emotional associations of dust to create sculptures that are at once perplexing, astonishing, and witty.”– David Revere McFadden, Chief Curator Museum of Arts and Design, New York

Drawing is at the heart of Paul Hazelton’s work. Born in Margate in 1962, he grew up in a pristine, somewhat claustrophobic home environment, where he was only permitted to use pencil in the sterile setting of a covered table. His fascination with dust also originated from this deprivation from these, often unappreciated, forms of matter. Paul’s continuing return to drawing is a return to his origin; a need to touch base or to be in contact with a surface, just like how dust needs to. In many of Paul’s drawings, images are gently teased from densely drawn or woven geometric matrices. These structures, which Paul also sometimes creates three-dimensionally from human hair, he uses to reveal or capture hidden patterns or proportions. In essence Paul is searching, through his work, for the ultimate quintessence, the thing that holds everything together. The relation between beings and geometry has become a metaphysical quest for Hazelton, trying to understand the human pursuit for perfection when in the face of decay.








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