Medium: sand, glue, slide-projector and slides

Dimensions: 630 mm diameter (sandcastle) 3000 x 3000 mm ( approx projected area)

Date: 2005/6

Henry VIII commissioned the building of Deal Castle along with those of Warmer and Sandown as defences against feared invasion by the Catholic powers of Europe. By the time the castles were built the threat of invasion was over. ‘Blow-Up’ is a comment about paranoia and a critique on the folly of war. A miniature sandcastle, based on the layout of Deal Castle, is metaphorically blown-up and then projected onto itself and its surrounding area. The barrage of sandblasted imagery makes for imaginary interpretations far removed from traditional beach activity. The mind when turned in on itself is, like the sandcastle, unstable when bombarded by its own over-magnification. The war-machine and the mechanisms for creating art are perhaps not too dissimilar; both have the propensity to be delusional and destructive. ‘Blow-Up’was shown as part of Defend/Defende, a joint initiative involving artists from Kent, England and Nord-Pas de Calais, France. The first part of the project was sited in the basement and the ramparts of Deal Castle and then moved to the Ramparts, Saint-Omer in France. Defend/Defende  was curated by Christine Gist and Benoit Warzee.




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