ALAS POOR ATLAS, 2018 | household dust, human hair, resin base | 140 x 60 x 60 mm | Atlas was condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity. In this piece the celestial sphere (made from human hair) has completely engulfed his head. Like a suffocating helmet he appears to struggle with it as his weakening body turns to dust. Standing on a globe cast inside the Solid, Buckminster Fuller called the “Vector Equilibrium”, Atlas, the modern Titan attempts to balance on an unstable earth, whilst reaching into space.

OUT OF THE FAUNA OF MIRRORS, 2018 | household dust, bone, mirror | 135 diameter x 70 mm | The Fauna of Mirrors is the ancient Chinese myth, where it is said that humans and their specular counterparts could come and go through reflective surfaces. Some historical Chinese writings mention 2697 BC as the year that creatures from this specular world rise up and do battle with humans.

ANASTROPHIC MIRROR, 2016 | household dust, human hair, hand mirror | 160 x 70 x 50 mm | Han’s Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid seems to head towards a catastrophic conclusion. However, towards the end of the story, the impending catastrophe takes a positive turn when the little mermaid, after many transfigurations, is finally transformed from sea foam into an air spirit and granted an immortal soul. The anastrophic mirror represents the reverse image of the catastrophic climax and the capture of that moment of transformation. Both reflecting in and penetrating through the mirror, the little mermaid is represented here as an inter-dimensional being. The radiating (hair) lines and froth or bubbles and dust represent the breakdown of matter at a sub-atomic level, where all is reduced to, and created from, quantum foam.

THE EBB AND FLOW EGG, 2016 | household dust, pigment, lint, vinyl, PVA, superglue, glass | Height 160 mm | Here, ghostly figures float next to jellyfish and other mysterious luminescent sea creatures as if drowned in a dusty sea in what appears to be a dry terrarium.


DUST PAN, 2016 | household dust, dry moss | 85 x 54 x 70 mm

ROKUROKUBI, 2016 | household dust, sea cucumber, ornamental bust, dolls head | Height 330 mm

GHOST IN THE MIRROR, 2016 | household dust, French cushion mirror | 410 x 335 x 110 mm

IF YOU LOOK AT A THING LONG ENOUGH…, 2012 | household dust, polyester filling, mirror | 250 x 280 x 180 mm

SPECULAR SPECTRE, 2015 | household dust, hand mirror | 175 x 95 mm | Created for Mini Barter 2015 – Monsters and Masks – Art Barter

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